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DVC Monday Reverse 4s League 

Start Date: January 9, 2023


Fauver Martin BGC | 24 Ferris St, Highland Park, MI 48203 

Diehl BGC | 4242 Collingwood St, Detroit, MI 48204

2 Bump Chumps

Morgan Mathers
Derrick Defever
Mike Schwartz
Anna Lu


Scott's Tots

Joey Ashmore
Kelsey Ashmore
Dylan Hayes
Ceci Watry

Our Guys Suck

Eric Gotts
Sarah Pittman
Forrest Perez
Jazmin Johnson

Free Agents #1

S Cameron Knight

S/DS Nate Dornfried

OH Chelsea Smith

RS/OH Ally Rooker

Free Agents #2

S Dan Funnen

S/DS Danial Shamoon

OH Kayla Franklin

OH/RS Erica Campbell


Jonathan Greenberg

Siobhan Walsh

Briana Herr

Travis Laufle

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