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League Playoff Rules


  • Playoffs will be a single elimination playoff bracket and the first team to win the best of 3 sets: All 3 sets to 25-, win by 2, with a cap at 27.

Sub Rules:

  • If your team requires a sub your sub may not be from any team in the playoff team's roster. A sub's skill level cannot exceed that of the player being replaced (a so-called "ringer"). Additionally, a sub cannot increase the number of players a team has on their roster. For example, if there are only six people on your roster, you cannot play with seven during playoffs (this includes the use of a libero). If there is a question as to the eligibility of a sub, by either team in an effected match, the captain(s) should raise those concerns or questions with the person running their location for the evening prior to the start of a match. Any subs that are considered to be "ringers" for the person they are replacing will not be allowed to play, and the effected team will be forced to play with fewer people, or they may choose to forfeit.

Point/Call Disputes:

  • In the case of point disputes, which are expected at times, if an agreement upon the correct call cannot be made in less than 7 seconds, the point is to be replayed.


  • Spectators should not initiate calls about plays. As a spectator, you are free to commentate on the games however you like (as long as it is respectful). If there is a dispute on the court and both teams ask for a third party opinion, then it can be shared. However, if you did not see the play, please tell the teams that you are unable to assist.

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